The Wolf Inside us

The Wolf Inside us


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4.5/5 STARS

The Blurb

Jake is a reclusive genius shut away in his penthouse apartment where he draws his award winning zombie comics. Kat is one of his biggest fans. She’s also his publisher’s office manager and each week gets to visit Jake to see his latest work.

The story touches on the crippling disabilities of agoraphobia and body dysmorphia. Kat is able to accept Jake for all he is, despite her distaste for his more commercial work. His other characters have made him a legend with Japanese pre-teen girls — and earned millions of pounds. But hey,  we all have to earn a living.

Over the years, Kat has developed a soft spot for Jake, so it’s not surprising that she’s completely thrown when he suddenly disappears. But stranger still, why did he leave a tiny puppy behind, all alone, and where did he get it?

Kat’s relationship grows from more than simple puppy love in this sensual werewolf romance where life throws all it has at this girl and her dog.

Content advisory: Mild sex and fantasy sex references, alcohol, fantasy violence.

More about the series

We always have fun producing our books and audiobooks, and I have to say that this series has turned out to be a lot more fun than I’d expected.

I have to say that I listened with a little trepidation to the idea that maybe we should get into the Young/New Adult Supernatural Romance category. I had visions of books adorning our shelves here featuring young gentlemen with no shirts seductively biting into the necks of swooning ladies. Ugh, no thanks — anyhow, I think these books would also appeal to older readers.

We’ve tried to approach these a little more sensibly, aiming for a good story rather than just titillation. Darian Hart injects wry humour into The Wolf Inside us while Casey Halston’s The Threads that Bind us takes on a more wistful air with some shots of good honest peril towards the end. Funny how both of these titles end with the word “us”.

They’re pegged as ‘romance’ so there’s going to be a degree of what you might call adult situations, but I think it’s important  not to let that define the book, rather add a little seasoning. Nothing outrageous, but it may make your grandmother blush!

The stories are all based in the same universe, and there is a loose kind of lore to it. Smart readers will spot a passing reference to character and an organisation that is common to the first two books. It would be fun to build more on that and maybe even explore some historical events in our world.

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