The Seed Garden

The prospect looked grim for Jed; alone, his escape pod crashed on an uncharted planet with no hope of rescue. But after he died a painful grizzly death in the dry desert things began to look up.
The lifeless planet that Jed now roams turns out to hold a secret vital to the existence of life itself.

“D. B. Moreton-Reynolds takes us on a journey of discovery through strange and hostile landscapes, and into the depths of a machine so staggeringly vast and at the same time utterly believable. Whether you see the twist at the end coming or not, you’ll be completely drawn in” – SFC Editor.

“Grand would probably be the most fitting way to describe the plot, it feels very much like a story from the golden age of science fiction as penned by Asimov, Clarke or Heinlein perhaps.
The Seed Garden is pure science fiction; grabbing a good idea and running with it, exploring the idea in detail then wrapped in a persuasive plot and driven by a stylish and absorbing character. The story then cumulates in an abrupt and yet grand, rewarding finale that will stay with you long after the book as been completed.” 4/5 Stars –