The Chains of Tartarus

The Alter Inferno Complex Book 2

Kaito Kayzi is used to weird. As a criminal hacker-savant in a city where technology is tied up with religion, ‘strange’ is a prerequisite. But tonight is a little different. Tonight, the weird have gone to war.
Up above, in the sterility of the upper towers, a frighteningly ambitious businessman is making his play for a lordly title… and the two-thousand-year-old terraforming engine that goes with it.
In the Subcity, the crooked cop who used to hire Kaito for ‘extracurricular duties’ has been used as meat for a military experiment. And his best friend, the formidable biker-gang-of-one Jaq Haszan, is acting a little funny. Perhaps it’s something to do with the psycho gladiator clone who keeps trying to put a samurai sword through his head?
Any normal person would mark this one off a a bad day. Then again, when faced with an alien virus that makes demonic possession look like the common cold, a normal person would die horribly.
A drug-fueled, railpistol-packing outlaw hacker might just live long enough to make sense of it all…

“Byrenton takes the action up a level in this cyberpunk epic. In this book Eddie Tsien meets (and smashes) his maker, it rains blood, otherdimensional demons possess thousands of innocent people, and one main character dies…and is resurrected! As well as the usual gunfights, crazy schemes, clone deathmatches and exploding tanks. Bryenton’s on top form with this, the second book in the Alter Inferno series. If you’re a fan of Gibson or Banks then this is for you.”