The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are here! 

Nominate Rotten Company for the prestigious and exciting sci-fi/fantasy literature award!

Author of Rotten Company, Drew Bryenton last year had his hilarious and enthralling novel Gad’s Army shortlisted as a finalist for this impressive Award, and this year we want him to go all the way!

Here’s how to nominate his new fantastical sci-fi novel Rotten Company for the 2022 award:

  • Fill in the nomination form with your details, and in ‘Title of Work or Name of Person’ enter Rotten Company
  • In ‘Creator’ enter Drew Bryenton
  • For ‘Category’, tick Best Novel and press Next
  • On the next page, under ‘Publisher’, enter Sci fi Cafe
  • Submit your Nomination!

And you’re off! You will have voted for Drew’s exhilarant Rotten Company for Best Novel, which, as Drew himself puts it, “is a vote for anarchic, weird, slightly insane comedy in kiwi literature – a space that’s far too serious and introspective sometimes.”

Tell your brothers and sisters! Tell your friends! Tell your weird neighbours! Tell your estranged parents! Tell the friendly neighbourhood cat! Tell everyone to follow suit!


Don’t just take our word for it!

Check out a lovely 4 star review from May on Instagram, who described Rotten Company as ‘a book filled with battles that made me hold my breath, and a storyline to adore…’

Read on to see a wonderful 3.75 star review from Tilly on Instagram, who says that Rotten Company ‘reads like a mash up of Douglas Adams, Marvel movies, Dungeons and Dragons, but still emerges as a voice all its own…’

Consider what would happen if suddenly there were super-heroes. They didn’t ASK for super powers, but they got them all the same. Now they, the city of Grand Sephulcre and a rather unpleasant Manticore which has more bad intentions than just eating everything in its path has to deal with it.


Consider what would happen if you took Terry Pratchett’s Disc world, a big pile of super-hero comics, various bits of Douglass Adams and threw them into a blender with a serious glug of Bryenton’s SPECIAL SAUCE.


The result is a DELIGHT! Masterful parody of familiar genres, in-jokes to make the most seasoned fans nod and smile knowingly to themselves. But above all, this has a freshness and style that you can come to expect from “Sir Julius Vogel Award Shortlistee*” Drew Bryenton.


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* Yeah, that’s a WORD now.

You can find out more about Rotten Company, and the author in the video below. He talks about the creation of the book as well as his writing process.

The Full Interview