Rotten Company



by Drew Bryenton (Shortlisted for “Gad’s Army” Best Novel in the 2021 Sir Julius Vogel Awards)

Jack Somewhat is a poor little orphan boy who’s grown up to be not so little (but still unspeakably poor) on the nasty streets of Grand Sepulchre, city of the Undead Emperor.
In a world of swords, sorcery, piracy and booze, young orphan lads gaining special powers and growing up to be heroes is an event so common they have a guild for it.

Unfortunately, the powers Jack has stumbled across are not the kind that go with fur underpants and battleaxes the size of coffee tables. And because they’re not the kind that go well with wizards, assassins, thieves or scheming merchants either, he’s likely to grow shorter, rather than up. Shorter by one head, to be precise.
That’s unless he joins the worst company of mis-matched warriors ever assembled to roll for initiative. A bunch of rogues, fops, drunkards, frauds and swindlers – who also happen to be some friends of his.

No matter what happens, as the world threatens to tear itself apart (in a veritable Armageddon featuring raunchy demons, armoured nuns, mad sorcery, giant, erudite monsters and at least one fluffy pink homicidal bunny rabbit) Jack can be sure he’ll be in ROTTEN COMPANY.


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Drew Bryenton