On Black Wings of Vengeance

Book 2 in the series.



The wings of vengeance unfurl over a world in flames…

Kuhal Moer has risen to the heights – and sunken to the depths – of necromancy. His enemies lie broken, his tower broods over a plain of fused and cracked glass, and his legacy is a reign of terrified peace beyond his borders.
But three centuries of change have passed him by. And forces are stirring in the world of Yrde which threaten to make even the most potent Dark Lord an irrelevancy…
From the East come the Kothrai, a race of raiders and reavers sailing their black ships before sorcerous winds. From the North come rumours of the walking dead, a ravenous tide of ghouls. And in the South the vile and massive Coldblood stirs, raising from its epochal torpor.
Now Kuhal must put aside the better part of his power, leave his dark domain, and re-discover a world where many now call him a God. But where others would call him a weapon, a pawn in their games of conquest. And the necromancer has other problems too…
After three hundred years, he’s about to discover the joys of family.

Gods help us all.

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Drew Bryenton