Extreme Difference

Book 1 in the series.


Dumped on an alien world, with no memory of his past, and among a strange bunch of people who had filled their own blank memories with myth and legend, what do you do?

If you just agree with the others, you stand a good chance of losing what little sanity you have left, and then what?
You could try to find the truth behind the myths, but if you do, you are labelled a heretic.

It takes a very tough character and a very thick skin to unravel the mysteries the man with no identity found himself submerged in.
Huddled inside their cave complex, life moves at a snail’s pace, when daytime outside is blisteringly hot, and the nights icy cold.
With little more than his own urge to survive at all costs, and a determination to put right the terrible wrongs which had been done, he set out on his quest against impossible odds……

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David Reynolds-Moreton