Chains of Tartarus

Book 2 in the series.



The Alter Inferno Complex: Book 2/3
Kaito Kayzi is used to weird. As a criminal hacker-savant in a city where technology is tied up with religion, ‘strange’ is a prerequisite. But tonight is a little different. Tonight, the weird have gone to war.

Up above, in the sterility of the upper towers, a frighteningly ambitious businessman is making his play for a lordly title… and the two-thousand-year-old terraforming engine that goes with it. In the Subcity, the crooked cop who used to hire Kaito for ‘extracurricular duties’ has been used as meat for a military experiment.

And his best friend, the formidable biker-gang-of-one Jaq Haszan, is acting a little funny. Perhaps it’s something to do with the psycho gladiator clone who keeps trying to put a samurai sword through his head?
Any normal person would mark this one off a a bad day.

Then again, when faced with an alien virus that makes demonic possession look like the common cold, a normal person would die horribly.

A drug-fueled, railpistol-packing outlaw hacker might just live long enough to make sense of it all…

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Drew Bryenton