Apocalypse Rising: Extinction



About ten years from now, the Earth will be bombarded by the most ferocious particle storm it has encountered in its history. That deadly storm is not, however born of some freakish solar storm, but a deliberate attack upon our planet by hostile forces.

With Earth’s infrastructure and population in tatters, the struggle begins to pull humanity back together.

T.K Nameth’s first short story from sci-fi-cafe.com tells of two such bids for domination on a global scale and a gritty localised scale.
Gloriously named U.S military officer Major Harm Kent partners with the diminutive Vash Grayson, owner of the most powerful technology corporation on Earth to profit in the rebuilding of civilisation – on their own terms, of course.

Meanwhile, self-appointed leader Max Rammell has ideas of his own on how to rebuild… and repopulate the scarred planet.

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T.K. Nameth