Of Wood, Metal and Glass

Long after the mighty dogs of war had barked their last three primitive settlements struggle to survive, distant but connected by a fragile wooden trackway. Brent sails the trackways between the settlements, ferrying materials and goods from his forest edge settlement and the metalworkers and outwards to the glass workers.
The desert wastelands between the three settlements are being consumed by an unknown force, gigantic funnels into which the parched sands are being slowly sucked. But there is something more, a malevolent cloud-like presence haunts the desert.
Brent is uncommonly inquisitive and against the decree of the elders stumbles upon a hitherto undiscovered treasure house – an entire department store, buried and overgrown by the forest over the countless years. And so change comes to the three settlements, but not in the way that they had expected.

“With a wry nod to other books in his ‘Sapient Continuum’ series, D. B. Reynolds-Moreton shows us life after the last great war. The inhabitants of this land react to the strange remains of an earlier civilisation in a totally believable fashion. This is good solid, intelligent sci-fi.” – SFC Editor.