I stumbled on this little gem while trawling through the sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime. The title of the movie doesn’t really make a lot of sense until you get right to the end, and it starts off a little slowly – I almost ditched this movie a few minutes in thinking I’d started the wrong one when it went inexplicably back to the American Civil war. Keep with it, you’ll not regret it.

The movie is set on the ISS some time into the future and presumably due to the limited budget, there’s GRAVITY onboard! It’s pretty easy to forgive this and concentrate on what’s happening in the plot. The main character, Captain Lee Miller played by Gunner Wright finds himself cut off from Earth – I’ll not spoil it and say for how long, but his resources and sanity dwindle to virtually nothing.

Again, without spoilers, I was struck by the apparent homage to the ending sequences of Kubric’s 2001 in the final part of this movie. The whole thing was very well done and made me smile broadly at the very end. Certainly recommended.