Extreme Difference

Nature always fights back. Even after Mankind had scorched the Earth with nuclear fire, the forests regrew. New life now flourishes where it can, strange and savage. The distant descendants of the last survivors of Armageddon now live high in the interconnected branches of the vast forest, eeking out a simple existence.

Dumped on an alien world, with no memory of his past, and among a strange bunch of people who had filled their own blank memories with myth and legend, what do you do?

If you just agree with the others, you stand a good chance of losing what little sanity you have left, and then what?

You could try to find the truth behind the myths, but if you do, you are labelled a heretic.
It takes a very tough character and a very thick skin to unravel the mysteries the man with no identity found himself submerged in.

Huddled inside their cave complex, life moves at a snail’s pace, when daytime outside is blisteringly hot, and the nights icy cold.

With little more than his own urge to survive at all costs, and a determination to put right the terrible wrongs which had been done, he set out on his quest against impossible odds……

“D. B. Reynolds-Moreton paints a bleak picture of a group of people surviving on a knife-edge and true to his style creates a compelling and fascinating tale cram packed with ingenuity.” -SFC Editor