Elysium Burning

Elysium Burning

The Alter Inferno Complex: Book 1

The human race tore itself apart during the Age of Judgment… that’s what we call the Trillion Dollar War now, in our ignorance.
We unleashed enough firepower to vaporize whole nations, poisoning the Earth and grinding civilization down to the politics of muscle and steel. Dark days came. War-dog days, like some ethanol-fueled b-movie. Then came word of the Last City. A new Elysium welded together from the carcass of our old technology. A place ruled by a god-machine named Kronos, Guardian Engine of Humanity.
Too bad that it’s gone insane. Even worse that its two-thousand-year-long master program has actually come to fruition, offering a chance to remake the Earth as a paradise.
What? that doesn’t sound so bad? Well, one species’ paradise is another one’s hell. And the experiments of Kronos have garnered a little unwanted attention, from the all-devouring metal metavirus known as the Unity. Their alien enemies are here to help us… but it’s the kind of help that often ends with an autopsy.
Kaito Kayzi would be worried if he knew all this. But when your best friend is busy pharming adrenochrome from the living brains of junkies, and your next employers look like being a quasi-religious death cult, little things like the end of the world fade behind the static of the Big Weird.
The sad fact is, with a new virus turning humans and machines alike into unmentionable sludge, he’s the best hope we’ve got…

“Bryenton seizes the cyberpunk genre by the throat in this awe inspiring trilogy with a scope so vast it staggers the mind. He gives the likes of William Gibson and Ian M Banks a run for their money with the kind of writing that you just want to devour. A book so hot, you’ll need to keep your Kindle in the freezer!”

5/5 STAR REVIEW: “I must admit that I was very impressed with this book, there are some fantastic ideas and the prose has a real eloquence that is both rare and rewarding. The vision of this post-human universe is lucid and vividly presented; all projected in a talented and confident voice.”

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